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* Please note that for an optimal use of our website, we recomment that you use the web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Mozilla Firefox.

When should I login as a client?

It is not necessary to login your account to browse through the Akcelos directory. You must login if you wish to shop online, submit an order or have access to your transaction history.

How can I create a customer account? 

To create an account, you must click on "Login" , on the right side of the research toolbar. If you already have a customer account, you just have to enter your email address and the password you have chosen when you initially registered yourself. if this is your first visit on Akcelos, click on "Login". Once the information requested is entered, you will be ready to start shopping on the first social enterprise national transactional website!

Whos has access to my personal information?

Please refer yourself to our Privacy and security Policy.

Do you sell products or services designated for the corporate business?

Of course! You will find them in the products and services directory.

How can we tell if you have new products or merchants online?

Some of the new products and services will figure in the carousel on the Home page. New products and services are added regularly, therefore we suggest that you visit the website every time you are looking for specific products and services. Should you have any suggestions, please forward them to us at:

What is the Relationship Between Akcelos and Merchants?

All products and services presented or on sale on the Akcelos site are provided by participating merchants. Merchants are responsible for sales and shipping. Akcelos is an intermediary that brings buyers and merchants together.

What Is an Affiliation?

Merchants may be affiliated with another organization that is recognized by Akcelos. Whether it is a trade, regional or provincial association, affiliation is a quick way to identify merchants that are members of a particular group.

Some of these affiliations represent genuine accreditations for which even stricter criteria than those of Akcelos apply.

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Who sells on Akcelos?

All products and services advertised on Akcelos’ site are provided by accredited social enterprises. These enterprises are not-for-profit, cooperatives, or hybrid enterprises; certain private enterprises may also meet our social enterprise criteria: have a social mission, be independent of government, and also, free of control by a single private enterprise, profits or surplus must be limited and controlled, and used mainly to support the organization’s mission.

Three principal categories of enterprises can qualify as accredited merchants: collective enterprises (or social economy enterprises, including community organizations with a commercial component), social enterprises, and hybrid enterprises. Enterprises in each of these categories are clearly identified on the site.

Criteria for all accredited merchants cover the following:

Mission and social purpose.
Legal status and ownership.
Independence from government.
Management of profits, surplus, or surplus earnings.

How does the payment work?

The orders processed on Akcelos must be paid by Visa or Mastercard and our online payment supplier is Monetico (Desjardins).

I have a hardtime consulting my shopping cart.  How can I fix that?

For an optimal use of the website, we suggest you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox search engines. If you continue to have difficulties  with the feature contact us at:

How can I select a social enterprise with a specific mission?

You can click on "advanced search", you will have two options, either Accreditations or Type of enterprise. Both will enable you to find organizations with specific mission criteria.

When am I being charged for my purchase?

You will be charged once you have entered and confirmed your credit card data to our online payment supplier, Monetico (Desjardins). You will receive a confirmation email of your transaction. You will alson receive a ready to print electronic invoice.

If I'm an Ontario residant, which taxes will I need to pay?

For each purchase, the consumer pays the taxe rates that's applied to his province of residence. The taxes that apply on the products and services are determined by the merchant and the conditions may vary depending on the product that's being sold. Tax remittance is the merchant's responsibility and it is left to his discretion.

Purchase Terms

On the Akcelos platform, purchase terms are those of the merchants. Every merchant must include a return policy in its product/service description.

In the event of a problem with a merchant, contact us.

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What are the shipping fees?

Each merchant is responsible for shipping its products. Shipping  fees vary based on the item’s weight and size, and the distance to be travelled. Before the order is finalized, shipping rates will be displayed.  A notice of expected delivery timeline will appear when completing your order.

When will I receive my goods?

Delivery time will figure at time of purchase. We recommend that the merchant follows up on new orders within a timeframe of 24 hours and 1-2 days for shipping.  Delivery terms are determines by the merchant and vary depending on: product, delivery process and transportation  mode. Upon the shipping of your order, an email will automatically be sent to you giving you a tracking number. Should you have further questions, we suggest that you contact the merchant.

Who is your carrier?

Each merchant is responsible for shipping , therefore he's the one that chooses the carrier. Once the merchant has processed your order, you will receive an email with the tracking number along with the carrier company's name.

How can I trace my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a notice by email. As well, you can go on the Akcelos website and log in "My account" and click on "Order tracking".

How can I verify if a product is available in my home province?

When you wish to purchase a product, you have the opportunity to choose the way you will retrieve the merchandise. If no delivery option figure for a product in your shopping cart, it's probably because the merchant doesn't offer shipping service or the product cannot be delivered in your province of residence. In that case, you will have to retreive the merchandise on premises. Otherwise, when you browse through the Akcelos directory, you have the possibility to do a search by province. You will then get a listing of products sold by merchants form the selected province.

Can I cancel my order?

Once you have bought a product or service online, you are able to cancel your order only if it hasn't been processed by the merchant yet. Check your emails to make sure you haven't received a notification advising you that the order has been handled. If you see no such message, contact the merchant to see wether you can cancel the order, prior to shipping.  The cancellation and return conditions are at the discretion of the merchant.

What should I do if an item is missing in my order?

We ask you to contact the merchant directly to settle the issue. Akcelos is not responsible for incomplete orders.

Whant can I do if the goods are damaged?

Akcelos is not responsible for damaged goods or delayed orders. Please refer yourself to the carrier's policy and/or the merchant's policy , if applicable.

Is it possible to have goods delivered outside Canada?

Each merchant is responsible for the shipment of his products. We recommend that you contact him directly to discuss this possibility.

Return and refund

Akcelos requires that each merchant clearly provides a Return and Refund Policy. You will find it on the merchant profile which is accessible from each product description file. Depending on the merchant, you should be entitled to a partial or complete refund. 

 In the event of a problem with a merchant, contact us at:




Write to us at: Thank you for giving us a 3-4 working day response delay.



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