Newsletter of September 20th, 2018


Reach more buyers!


Akcelos' current priority is to diversify products and services and expand the offer to buyers. This summer, we had numerous requests from municipal, provincial and federal governments, who were asking when Akcelos would be diversifying the products and services available online. The demand for new products is already being felt!

We suggest that you make more products available on Akcelos. Site visitors will then see your merchant page more often. If you offer more products, you will attract new customers. To add a product, just follow the procedure described here. If you’re worried that one of your products or services cannot be displayed on Akcelos, please contact us at to discuss it.

The number of English-speaking customers visiting our website is constantly increasing. We strongly suggest that you display your products in French andEnglish, otherwise you will miss some good opportunities to make yourself known. To do this, simply enter in the "Product page details" section an English name for your products, then translate the "Basic info on the product (fr)" and "Detailed description / specifications (fr)" sections of your product files. Finally, select "French" as a second display language to complete this small change that will let you easily reach more buyers!


Invite your customers to visit Akcelos


You no longer need to change your personal website to add and edit product info! Your merchant and product data pages have unique links that you can post on your company's website. This  way, you can invite your visitors to find out more about your products on Akcelos. Save time while stimulating users’ interest in your products!

All you have to do is put links to your merchant and product pages on Akcelos on your own website. Search the Web for information on the procedure if you do not know how to do this. For the link address, see the example circled in the screen capture below.




You can also add links to your personal website on your merchant and product pages as seen above!

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