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Interested in registering your products and services with Akcelos?

Even better, do you want to sell them online? First, you must qualify. Only social enterprises and social economy enterprises based in Canada may register.

To be certified, you must be accredited according to Akcelos’ criteria:

“To qualify for accreditation, enterprises must be not-for-profit, cooperatives, or hybrid status enterprises; some private enterprises may also meet our social enterprise criteria: have a social mission, be independent of government, and, also, of control by a single private enterprise; and have limited and controlled distribution  of profits or surplus, which must be mainly reinvested in the organization's mission."

Three major categories of enterprises can qualify as accredited suppliers: collective enterprises (or social economy enterprises, including community organizations with a commercial component), social enterprises, and hybrid enterprises.  Enterprises in each of these categories are clearly identified on the site.

Criteria for all accredited merchants cover the following:

  • Mission and social purpose.
  • Legal status and ownership.
  • Independence from government
  •  Governance
  • Management of profits, surplus, or surplus earnings.

To be accredited as a collective enterprise (or social economy enterprise), the merchant must meet criteria based on Québec's Social Economy Act.

To be accredited as a social enterprise, the merchant must meet Industry Canada criteria.

To be accredited as a hybrid enterprise, the merchant must be incorporated under the Community Contribution Company Regulation (C3) of British Columbia or the Community Interest Company Act (CIC) of Nova Scotia.

Certain hybrid enterprises may also be accredited as a merchant, for example, a private enterprise that is owned by a social economy enterprise.

Hybrid status

In Canada there are two hybrid statuses that Akcelos recognizes as social enterprises. the Community Contribution Company of British Columbia and  the Community Interest Company of Nova Scotia. These types of enterprises must conform with criteria that are compatible with, and even stricter than those Akcelos has adopted for social enterprises.”

Accreditation Policy for Akcelos Merchants

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